Spiritual Tours in Uganda

There are several of spiritual or religious sites in Uganda. Among these sites, some belong to the different religious denominations in the country. It is only in Uganda where you can visit a number of holy or spiritual places while on a city tour, this is because most of these sites are not located far from Kampala City Centre. Below are the well-known places that you can visit while on safari in Uganda.

The Baha’i temple is also known as the Mashriqu’I-Adhkar which is translated to mean the “Dawning-place of the remembrance of God. It’s the first of its kind to be built in Africa and was built over 50years ago, hence the mother of the Baha’i faith in Africa. It is located 4 miles from Kampala and sits on 52 acres of land on Kikaya Hill along Gayaza Road.

The temple is a 9-sided structure and it’s said to have been built between 1958 and 1961. It attracts various visitors; those on religious tours and others who come to enjoy the beautiful landscape views. The environment is favorable for those people that want to take time to be alone as they meditate and pray.Baha’i temple is open on a daily basis from 9:00pm to 5:00pm and the visitors that want to know more about this faith and also can join the locals on Sundays from 10:30am for service. In case you want to have a city tour around Kampala, the Baha’i temple should miss on your itinerary, your visit there is truly memorable.

The Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine is a distinctive spiritual place to most Christians in Uganda and the neighboring countries. It is situated about 11 kilometers from Kampala in an area called Namugongo in Wakiso district. The Martyrs’ shrine has a very beautiful exterior made of copper pillars which are about 100ft long.

The Shrine was constructed to remember the 32 young men that were brutally murdered under the orders of the King of Buganda Kabaka Mwanga II. These young men were told to renounce Christianity, and they refused, they were given a few days in case they change their minds but they refused, so on 3rd June 1886 they were burnt till their last breath.

Every year on 3rd June, thousands of Christians both Catholics (majority) and Anglicans from all over the world gather at this shrine to honor the religious beliefs and lives of martyrs’. Many pilgrims start their journey to the Martyrs’ shrine in the last weeks of May, most of them are seen walking on foot along the main highways in different parts of the Country. They go ahead to fast as they give thanks to God, they believe by walking on foot they get blessings from God.

Apart from the shrine, there is also a man-made lake to explore, martyrs’ museum and also another Martyrs’ shrine in Munyonyo.

Also called the Old Kampala Mosque, is the largest mosque in East Africa situated in Old Kampala on Kampala Hill in Uganda about 2km form the City Centre. It was completed in 2006 and was officially opened in June 2007. It has a seating capacity of 15,000 worshippers, and on the terrace 3,500 and 1,100 in the gallery.The mosque was commissioned by late Col. Muammar Gaddafi under the name Gaddafi National Mosque; in 2013 after his death, the name was changed to Uganda National Mosque since Libyan new administration had failed to take care of the mosque under its former name.

The late Col. Gaddafi gave this mosque to the Ugandan Muslim community as a gift. It is where the office of the Supreme Mufti of Uganda is and also has facilities such as conference and meeting facilities.It is so outstanding that to the many mosques that are found in Uganda, this one stands out as a skyscraper mosque. The minaret of the mosque offers great views of the city and its outskirts. It is one of the places you can visit while on a Kampala city tour.

The Namirembe Cathedral as many call it, is situated in Kampala on Namirembe Hill. It is Namirembe’s diocese’s diocesan cathedral and the provincial cathedral of the Church of Uganda. It is Uganda’s oldest cathedral in the and the very first church building was constructed in March 1890 accommodating 800 people, the second, third and fourth church buildings were constructed in 1892, 1895 and 1904 respectively.

The current church building was constructed within a period of four years from 1915 to 1919. The church can be viewed from different areas of Kampala and when you get there it has a very spectacular view of the city and nearby areas. There is also a graveyard where the Cooks, who founded Mengo Hospital were laid, and also Bishop Hannington’s remains were buried here after his brutal murder in 1885.

The Abayudaya are a community of people that practice Judaism, they reside in the Eastern part of Uganda just outside Mbale Town. The word Abayudaya is a Luganda word to mean “people of Judah”. The Abayudaya are so devouted in that they keep the Kashrut and observe Shabbat.

They live in different villages and their population is about 3000, they speak mainly Lusoga, Lugwere, Luganda and some of them have learnt speaking Hebrew as well. They practice farming especially the growth of coffee.This group of people is said to have been led by Semei Kakungulu who was a Muganda Military leader and they regard themselves to be Jews by choice. The Abayudaya community is a place where you can volunteer in the community an also learn about the Jeewish life.

Visitors to Uganda that are of the Jewish Faith can be assured of enjoying Shabbat. And those who want to experience more can visit coffee plantations or hike Mount Elgon as well as visiting the Sipi Falls.

It is commonly known as the Rubaga Cathedral, it is a beautiful ancient cathedral and a significant site to the educational, religious and health sectors of the people. It is an important place of worship to the catholic faith and also to the non-Catholics a great attraction because of its beautiful Roma nesque architecture, big numbers of tourists visit this cathedral every year.

It is situated on Rubaga Hill about 3km from Kampala city center, the Rubaga Cathedral stands as the headquarter of the Catholic Church and is the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda. It is also home of the current Kampala diocese Archbishop; Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. Outside the cathedral is the burial ground of the remains of the first African Archbishop and first African Bishop of the diocese of Kampala.

Uganda Food Tours

To most travelers, experiencing new food can be very exciting. Compared to other foods, African cuisine is very unique both in the kinds of foods served and how it is all prepared. In Uganda, meat and fish and almost all the produce grown are organic.
Uganda is a small country yet very big in terms of its culture. The country has over 45 tribes and most of these tribes have distinctive and unique foods. In order for you to have the best stay in Uganda, we have prepared information about the main foods grown, prepared, served and sold in Uganda.

Bananas are the most consumed food in most of the regions in Uganda; especially the green plantain type which are locally called “Matoke”. They are indeed a staple food in Uganda. In most homes and local restaurants in Uganda, Matoke is prepared in a traditional way; the bananas sticks are peeled, then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked for some hours. They are later served either in mashed or stick form.

Some other people fry the Matoke with tomatoes, carrots, onions, green peppers, and in most cases with ground nuts puree (peanut), meat, or fish. Just as rice is to the Chinese, Matoke is to most Ugandans, it can be served 3 meals in a day. Matoke plantations are everywhere in the country, particularly in the western part around Mbarara.

There are also other types of bananas produced in Uganda; the type which is grilled over charcoal, usually sold by ladies along streets in urban centers, then there is a small sweet type of bananas usually called apple bananas which is also grown everywhere in the country. They are sold by most street vendors and in main markets.


Just like most countries in the West, it is not different in Uganda when it comes with meat selection, the exception is on Goat meat which is at a high density in some regions. Chicken, Pork and Beef are found everywhere in Uganda, with Children being the most expensive and beef the cheapest in most restaurants. In some urban centers like Entebbe, Jinja and Kampala, one can find various meat products like burgers, meat pies, sausages and samosas.

Just like fish, meat is also prepared mainly in two ways. It is either prepared as a stew or fried with onions, green peppers, tomatoes and usually a mild curry powder is added. Along most streets vendors serve barbequed meats on sticks. Most people enjoy eating Goat and Pork roasts, in most urban centers they can be found even in busy town centers like Mbarara and Masaka.

What makes meat consumption in Uganda very interesting is that almost every part of the animal is eaten. It should not catch you by surprise when you visit a local restaurant and what is served as breakfast is matoke with cow intestines; it’s a favourite meal for most Ugandans. Some even eat the feet and the head of the chicken, how foods are prepared and consumed in Uganda varies from tribe to tribe due to the cultural differences.

Around most lakes in Uganda, fishing is the main activity done. Lake Victoria is the world’s second biggest fresh water lake and the most common catches are the Nile perch and the Tilapia, also some less popular species are caught.

Tilapia fish is the most common fish caught in almost all Ugandan lakes, its flesh is white and it’s widely preferred because it doesn’t have a fishy taste. The tilapia is prepared and served in two ways. Some people cut the tilapia into few pieces and make stew, this is usually served with Matoke. Another way is by is deep frying the whole fish.

The Nile Perch is also another famous species but larger than the Tilapia fish, it is also deep fried and cooked in a stew. Due to its massive size, its cut into very many pieces before it is served. Both the Tilapia and the Nile Perch are served in local restaurants around the country, also street vendors sell them as well as in the markets throughout the country. The prices of fish vary basing on the season, if it’s at full moon the catch is lesser than when it’s darker because the fish are near and easy to catch.

The other type of fish caught and widely consumed by most Ugandans is the tiny silverfish which is called “Mukene” in the local language. These tiny fish are caught with big nets usually at night, laid to dry at the shores that’s why most fishing villages are always covered with these small fish. Silverfish is a good source of proteins especially those that can’t afford other more expensive food. Most farmers serve Mukene to their chicken, pigs and dogs because of the high nutrient content found in them.

Mangoes are one of the most common fruits in the county since are grown throughout Uganda. The most concentration of mangoes is in the Western, Central and Northern parts. The seasonal mango growth usually results into huge heaps of mangoes along the major highways being sold by the growers. During this season, various types of mangoes can be purchased at a less price and most people buy a lot and fill their car boots with heaps of mangoes to share with their families and friends.

Uganda grows the best Pineapples in the world. The good climatic conditions and the soil nutrients favor the growth of the most juicy and sweetest pineapples. Pineapples are sold all around the country especially in the southern and central parts of Uganda, also you can get them in supermarkets, markets and a number of street vendors sell hundreds of pineapples every day. There are also juice making factories which make juice and many amounts of concentrated juice are exported to other countries from Uganda on a daily basis.

The Jackfruit is one of those fruits that is not common to most foreigners; it’s grown in East Africa and in the Caribbean. It’s a big green fruit normally a meter long. Jackfruits are sold also by roadside vendors, what makes this fruit different is that it has a glue-like sticky secretion so most people avoid touching it with their hands. Those sold by vendors are already sliced, you could use a plastic wrap to handle it as you eat.

Other fruits include; passion fruits, bananas, watermelons, papayas, apples, and guavas. Apples in Uganda are grown in mountainous regions which have cooler conditions and are also distributed in the major town and markets.

Vegetables that are commonly consumed in Uganda include; onions, tomatoes, cabbages, eggplants, cassava, green peppers and maize. Potatoes, squash and carrots are less common but also greatly consumed, the sweet and Irish potatoes are widely served especially in south western Uganda. Some vegetables like broccoli, spinach, lettuce, celery and green bean are close to non-existent in the country. Eating of raw vegetables is not done by most Ugandans, whereby even what some call salads for example tomatoes, onions, cabbages, green peppers are also normally fried.

To add on the general foods consumed around the country, some areas have food traditions that are quite unique and local. Some of them are listed below;

Katogo is a common Ugandan dish eaten by people mainly in Southern and Central Uganda. It is a mixture of half proteins and starch and the common one is of cassava and beans. Other katogo mixtures are for Matoke with beef, ground nut sauce, or fish.

Pilau, this dish is so common among the people of Arua district near congo border. This is basically rice fried with some vegetables and chunks of chicken or beef plus some pilau spices. It is slightly similar to what is served by East Indians called “biryani”, though pilau is milder compared to the Indian Biryani.

Rolex; famous street food made up of a chapatti, the chapatti is fired not baked. The chapatti is used to make a wrap where an egg omelet is placed and a few tomatoes, it’s enjoyed by almost every Ugandan.

Grasshoppers; they fly seasonally in the western central part of the country in Masaka District and most locals get a lot of income during the season since grasshoppers are at a high demand. It’s amazing how they are caught; catching them is done at night, where light is shone on big tin sheets; this light attracts grasshoppers and blinds them temporarily and with this they fall into large buckets which are prepared below. The legs, wings sometimes heads of the grasshoppers are removed and later fried with onions, they are served as a snack, just like one eats popcorn.

Other foods include; roasted maize, samosas, mandazis, white flying ants and many more.

African Village Tours Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya

Village Tours in Uganda

Most villages in Uganda still hold their traditional way of life and many still follow the way their ancestors lived; it is evidenced by the traditional rituals, music, dance and drama, traditional way of harvesting, food preparation and cooking, among other things. Some of these villages have been mentioned below to guide you on which to visit. The most amazing thing about it, is that all these villages are located in the famous tourist sites such as National Parks, Forests, and Lakes among others. Congo with water.

Boomu Cultural village also known as Boomu Women’s Group is an African setting neighboring Murchison Falls National Park. It was formed in 1999 by subsistence farmers from villages of Kigaragara and Kihaguzi, in a time when the northern region of the country was dry, there was less produce to sell and consume hence poverty and malnutrition levels increased.
So these people resorted to making crafts and what began as a small group, today is a beautiful community with gardens, traditional accommodation facilities, exceptional guided tours and a restaurant. In fact to enjoy this village to the fullest, you could spend a night in a real African hut, before getting to bed, sitting at the fire and listening to stories about this place from the elders is unforgettable.
Visiting this village introduces you the way the locals live; how they grow crops, how children get education, how baskets are woven, their traditional dances and cultural performances, and also how food is harvested, prepared, cooked and served in the authentic African way.
At Boomu you truly experience what is termed as an African authentic village setting. There is no solar or hydroelectric lighting, food is harvested directly from the garden and put on a locally made stove, then to your plate, most of the locals eat with their hands, tourists are given forks if it is what they want. There is even no refrigeration since all foods are fresh.

The Batwa are an indigenous group of people famously known as pygmies. They used to live in unity with other forest inhabitants about 500,000years ago in huts made out of leaves and branches hence were referred to as the “Keepers of the Forest”.
Their stay in the forest never destroyed the forest since even their shelters were eco-friendly. They entirely depended on the forest for shelter, food, firewood, and fruits among others. It is said of them that “the way they love their bodies is how they love the forest”.
The Batwa lived in Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks, these parks are homes to the remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas. Around 1991, the lives of the Batwa totally changed when these parks were permanently established to protect the Rain forest and wildlife especially the Mountain Gorillas hence by 1992 all people living in these National Parks were evicted and were not given any compensation either in form of money or land from the Government.
But in 2011, the Batwa Cultural Trail was started in Mgahinga National Park by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The members of the Pygmy community guide the visitors through the jungle and expose them to their ancient way of living including their old way of gathering fruits, hunting, collecting honey, traditional healing, and also other traditional performances like rituals done in caves and dances.
Today this cultural trail is so famous and every visitor to the park shouldn’t miss out on this great experience, it has helped the Batwa keep their traditions and beliefs. The trails are two; both a long one and a short one, the visitor is at liberty to choose the trail they will go for.
All proceeds from the visit support the community of the Batwa; they help in the development and sustaining of the community projects such as the maize mill, microfinance and the secondary school.

Entanda village is a unique cultural tourist village that is aimed at preserving arts and crafts, traditions, culture, and performances of Uganda hence described as a Community Based Tourism Organization. All tourists to this village can be assured to experience and also participate in the old way of life for the Ugandan culture and the natural beauty in the village.
Entanda is a small village situated in Mityana district among green rolling hills about 1 hour drive from Kampala. People in Entanda have also ensured to preserve their traditional ways of animal keeping, bee keeping, farming, food harvesting, preparation, serving and cooking, growing of vegetables and fruits plus the traditional playing of games.
Entanda has a great historical background; it is said to have existed thousands of years ago when Kintu “the first man” to live in Buganda met death spirits that wanted to kill Nambi his wife. The death spirits also locally known as Walumbe used to dig very deep pits to hide and kill people. This is proved by the existence of about 240 deep pits and the Nambi rocks which today are used for traditional worship.
Tourists while at Entanda can engage in activities such as traditional dances, hunting, walks through forests, banana and coffee plantations, fruit harvesting, food preparation and cooking, and lessons about the traditionally made musical instruments.

The village is situated in Kasese district at the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The village is close to Katwe Lake, it is a salt lake and one of the economic activities carried out in this area is salt mining. A day in Katwe village is exceptional since visitors get a chance to meet the local people and involve in their day-to-day lives.
Visitors are welcomed in a local homestead where they get to observe how the residents harvest salt from the lake, they can also observe how food is traditionally prepared, cooked and also be able to taste it.
During the village tour, visitors should always keep in mind that by visiting they are giving back to the people, they can also visit a primary school in this village and see how the children get education. All proceeds from the visit go towards improving the health sector of this area and provide income to those that can’t mine salt to earn a living especially the elderly.

Nshenyi Village Tour

Nshenyi Village exposes visitors to the Ankole culture and traditions. This cultural village is situated on a farm at the edge of Ntungamo district in Kitwe Town. It is an hour’s drive if someone is coming from Mbarara town and takes only 30minutes to drive to this village from Ntungamo Town.
Nshenyi is a beautiful areas characterized with acacia trees, savannah grass, and lush rolling hills. This environment favors cattle rearing. The people in Nshenyi are pastoralists with agriculture as the main economic activity carried out. This is evidenced by a number of commercial crops and large banana plantations owned by various residents.
This place has activities that are unique for visitors hence it is visited by a number of people on safari in the western part of Uganda.

Activities include; traditional cooking, nature walks, visiting primary schools and local markets, milking the Ankole long-horned cattle, visit local homesteads, engage in tree planting, observe the processing of milk, discover how the homesteads do food processing and cultivation of crops, birders are also sure to spot a number of beautiful bird species, among other activities.

Rubuguri Village is situated at the edges of Bwindi Impenetrable NP a natural habitat to the world’s remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas. So it is very easy for the tourist to track Gorillas and wrap up the trip with a walk in the Village of Rubuguri.
Rubuguri village is a small isolated village with friendly inhabitants and can be accessed by a rustic road along the steep hillsides. While here, you can engage in a village walk through small homesteads, where you are able to meet the locals and enjoy their day to day way of life in this area.
Tourists can visit the local schools in the area, and also have a remarkable time watching people perform the Kikiga dance and sing amazing joyful traditional songs.


Apart from sightseeing, a tour to a Karamojong community is defined as a participatory experience, because the tourist gets an opportunity to engage with the locals and learn more about their culture. One can also plan to have an overnight stay in a traditional hut.
A Karamojong Village is also locally called a “Manyatta”. Karamoja Manyattas are traditional homesteads for the Karamojong located near Kidepo National Park. It is where they live in harmony just like their ancestors lived and their culture and traditions have been preserved, so visiting a manyatta you get exposed to this amazing group of people.
The Karamojong live in an unspoiled part of the country; in the North Eastern part of Uganda. They are described as a tribe of fierce warriors, they are pastoralists who even feed on mainly animal products like milk, meat, blood among others. The women have tried to develop themselves by involving in the making of beads and crafts.
Therefore if one is on safari to Kidepo National Park, you could include visit a Manyatta on your itinerary.

Fly In Safaris Uganda

In a country that is referred to as the pearl of Africa, fly in safaris in Uganda are becoming rampant as people do not want to spend more time moving from one destination to another. And just like the name suggests, this is where people use air transport throughout their safari stay in a country and the different companies provide small air crafts that transport the different tourists from one place to another. Although road trips are fun and adventurous and you get to view everything from a close range position, the bumpy roads that are found in almost every part of Uganda are a nightmare especially if you want a smooth ride after a long trip and that is why most people are now opting for Fly in safaris. The beauty about fly in safaris is that you get to visit as many destinations as you want in a short time and you also get to visit some of the inaccessible places in the country.

The different parks and other safari destinations always receive direct flights mostly from Kajjansi air strip and these flights provide the tourists with the perfect view of Uganda from the skies and it also helps avoid the hustle of the daily jam that is constantly seen in the country and You are always escorted by a trained tour guide on the fly in safaris.

There are special services that are offered when it comes to flying safaris and some of these include

  • Aerial photography with all the necessary equipment for all the photographs that you might want to take from the aero plane and any filming that you will need to take.
  • The aero planes are filled with medical supplies and a medical personnel just in case there are any emergencies.

There are several domestic air flight companies that operate in Uganda and these have been listed below for easy search in case you want to fly to your safari destination although you should note that some of them fly to specific destinations.

Aero link is the most famous domestic charter flight companies in the country and the rest of East Africa. Aero link normally operates three route flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park through the Kasese air strip and the Mweya airport. Unlike other charter companies there are Aero link carries eleven passengers per trip and fifteen kilos of luggage.

Eagle air normally operates in the Northern part of Uganda that is Arua and Gulu and it is one of the major domestic flight charter companies in the country. It normally flies to Pakuba air strip and chobe air strip which are both located in Murchison National Park.

Fly Uganda can be found at Kajjansi air strip and it flies to almost all the National parks in the country and it carries two people per day and the flight costs only 290 dollars per person.

Flight safari destinations in Uganda

There are various destinations where fly in safaris can be done in Uganda and some of the best destinations have been listed below.

Murchison Falls National Park is located in the North western part of Uganda and can be accessed by boat, road transport or air transport. It is a home to the famous Murchison Falls which are widely visited by the different tourists. The park can be accessed through the Pakuba air strip and the Bugungu air strip in the north of the Park. Several airstrips have been constructed in the Park to ease transportation. The list of the few air ports that can be accessed within or outside the parks include:

Airstrips in Murchison Falls National Park                   

  • Pakuba airstrip.
  • Bugungu airstrip
  • Chobe airstrip

Bwindi Impenetrable Park is located in the western Part of Uganda and it is a home to thousands of mountain gorillas. It is the best place where one can enjoy gorilla trekking and birding with ease due to the conservation that has been spearheaded by the government and you will also get to meet the Batwa people who are the original occupants of the area.

There are two flights that operate to Bwindi and these are by Aero link and they are chartered from Entebbe International airport to Kihihi airstrip which is only one hour and half from Buhoma region where the Park is located. Note that like the Queen Elizabeth National Park, there is no direct flight route and airstrip to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the North Eastern Part of the country and the roads leading to the park are so bad since it is found in the one of the most remote places in Uganda. The Park is 700 kilometers from the capital city Kampala and is surrounded by the IK and Karamojong people who live in the area. Most of the fly in trips to Kidepo are organized by aero link and in most cases the minimum number of people that can be transported are only two due to the small size of the aero planes that are used for these trips.

Semiliki National Park is also located in the western part of the country near Kibale National Park and it is also famous for the large number of primates that are found in the Park. The Park also has no direct flight route to it therefore the chartered aero plane lands at Kasese air strip which is the nearest to the Parka and then you have to drive for the rest of the journey in order to access the Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is only 410 kilometers away from the capital city of Kampala in the … part of Uganda. Most of the flights that go to Queen Elizabeth Park charter either from Entebbe international airport or the Kajjansi air strip and all these can be organized by the tour operating company that you are using. Even though Uganda has limited air lines, the few that are around are always readily available to take safari tourists to their different destinations.

Airstrips in Queen Elizabeth National Park

  • Mweya airstrip
  • Kasese Air strip
  • Ishasha air strip

Kibale National Park is located in the western part of the country and it is best known for the large number of elephants and gorillas that are found in the area. It is a tropical forest which is currently facing a bout of deforestation by the different companies and locals that live around the Park. There is no direct flight route to Kibale National park but the flight drops you off in Kasese air strip and then you drive off to the park which is just a short distance away from the airstrip. There are various wild life that you can see in the Park and thee include warthogs, peter’s duiker, bushbucks, blue monkeys, elephants, buffalos, giant forest hogs, primates and many more other  animals.

Mgahinga national Park is also located in the western part of the country near the Bwindi Impenetrable Park. The flights that go to Mgahinga land in Kisoro at the Kisoro airstrip and then you have to drive for a few minutes to the Mgahinga National Park and it can also not be directly accessed by flight due to the absence of an air strip within the Park.

There are different airstrips as mentioned above that tourists can use for their fly in safari in Uganda and these can easily be accessed from the Entebbe international airport. The several airstrips that are found in the different parks offer different services that will help you understand more about the pearl of Africa. And the beauty about the fly in safaris in Uganda is that you get to see everything from the wild animals, birds and other tourist attractions in the country just that this time you get to see them within a short time.

African Mountain Climbing & Hiking Tours

Mountain climbing destinations in East Africa

Mountain climbing is one of the few things that people who are adrenaline hungry go for and what better way to do than grabbing a bag and traveling to East Africa to enjoy the exercise. East Africa is made up of six countries which include Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi and all these have various mountains that one can climb to kill stress.
The East African community has a lot to offer when it comes to mountain climbing and hiking and one should no miss the opportunity. You get to go to the Mountain of the moon and experience the snow caped john Speke peak, the Kilimanjaro Mountain with the glacier cape, the Elgon Mountain and her slopes and many ore other countries.
There are many tourist companies that can help you when it comes to organizing a mountain trek in any of the East African countries and these have different charges that normally depend on the time that you want to take on the trekking trip. You will be accompanied by a guide who knows the best routes that lead to the summit of the different Mountains and note that not all the countries that are found in East Africa are good for a mountain hiking adventure and therefore you should know the different Mountains that are good for climbing.

Mountain Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania and it rises to a height of 5895 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in Africa. It is a volcanic mountain that has three volcano peaks which are kibo, Mawenzi and Shira peak. Kilimanjaro has several trekking routes both ascending and descending and these include Rongai, which is the easiest route to take, the Mweka, Machame, Umbwe, Marangu, Shira and Lemosho. Machame is the hardest route because it’s complete takes almost a week due to its step nature. Therefore for all those who plan on climbing the Kilimanjaro should brace themselves for a tiring but thrilling journey.

The Rwenzori Mountain is the highest mountain in Uganda with a height of 5109 meters above sea level and is located in the western part of the country. Rwenzori has different summits and they all offer a great view but the Magharita peak is the mist frequented due to its snow caped nature. You can actually hike up any of the peaks but this is done with the help of the tour guides who help you and pint put which trails are much better when it comes to the best routes to use for your trek. There are also resting places as you are heading up the mountain so that you do not get too tired on your way up.

Mountain Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and is found on the eastern province of the country. The mountain has three peaks with the highest being the Batian peak and it rise to a height of 5119 meters, the Nelion peak which rises up to 5188 meters and the Lenana peak which rises to 4985 meters. There are different routes that lead to the mountain and all these reward you with the glacier top at the top of the mountain.
The hike up the mountain takes roughly four days but it all depends on the trekking route that you use. The Sirimon route is the most popular and it takes two days for all those who are in a hurry and the Burguret route takes three days although this is not normally used by trekkers and these two routes are normally used when one is ascending the mountain. The descending routes are the Chogoria route which takes three days for one to descend and Naro Moru route which takes two days while one is descending. The trek up the mountain is not for the faint hearted but you will enjoy the climb as you will be able to see the different animals and birds and the final reward of the glacier when you reach the summit.

Mount Meru is located in the western part of Tanzania and it is at a height of 4562 meters high. For all those who love trekking with few crowds this is the best Mountain to do it from since it is less visited by tourists. The best time for one to go hiking on Mount Meru is during the dry season and the hike normally starts from the Momella gate. The hike takes roughly three days although you should note that there are some illegal hiking routes that you cannot use especially those that are found in the Northern part of the Mountain although researchers can obtain special permits that allow them to use the trails that are illegal.

The Volcanoes Mountains in Uganda have two extinct volcanoes which are part of the eight that are spread out in both Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo. These two mountains are good when it comes to hiking and these are
The Sabinyo Mountain
The Sabinyo Mountain has peaks in the three counties of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo although the bet side to do a hike from is in Uganda. Sabinyo means an old man with crooked teeth and the shape of the mountain is how it earned its name. The terrain used in Uganda is far better and while on a hike you will be able to see the various golden monkeys found in the area. Note that hiking up the Sabinyo Mountain is a bit hard due to its rugged nature but there are a few trails you can take that are almost passable for your trek and do not forget that bottle of water because you will need it.

Mountain Muhabura
Mountain Muhabura rises up to a height of 4127 meters above sea level and it is located at the border of Uganda and Rwanda. The name of the mountain is loosely translated as the Guide in Kinyarwanda. A hike up the Mountain will give you a beautiful site of the Crater Lake that is found at the summit.

Mountain Mgahinga is located in the western part of Uganda and it rises up to 3474 meters and it is part of the Volcanoes Mountain. It has a crater lake at the summit which will be your reward once you reach the peak and you will get a good view of the rest of the Volcanoes Mountain and the Batwa people once you descend the mountain. The hike up the Mgahinga is extremely short and not too tiresome as compared to other mountain hikes.

Mountain Karisimbi is one of the Virunga Mountains and it is located in Rwanda. It rises to a level of 4507 meters above sea level. Mountain Karisimbi has a white capped summit and that is why it is a good place for one who wants to go for a hike. The climb up Karisimbi takes over six hours and it usually starts in the morning. You need to be physically fit for this strenuous climb as it will need most of your energy but the hike is worth it as you will be able to see various monkeys, gorillas and other wild animals as you climb up the mountain.

Mountain Lesatima is the third highest mountain in Kenya and is located in the Northern part of Aberdare in the Great Rift Valley. The mountain has seen many people hiking up to its peak and it is an experience that you don’t want to miss and the peak provides one with a great view.

Mountain Elgon is located in the Eastern Part of Uganda and it’s one of the few extinct volcanoes in the country and it rises up to a height of 4321 meters above sea level. Mountain Elgon was considered as the highest in Africa but the constant erosions have led to its reduction in height. You can join the mountain climbing on the Elgon Mountain with the hike up the Sipi falls since they are located in the same area. The best time to do a mountain climbing on the Elgon Mountain is during the dry season as this will ease the climb unlike during the wet season where the trails will be slippery.

Mountain Longonot is located in Kenya in the Rift valley region and it is a dormant volcano that last erupted in the 18s. There is a clear path that one can take when going for mountain climbing and it takes like four to five hours to trek this particular mountain. As you trek up the mountain, you will get a good view of the Lake Naivasha and the animals and birds that are found in the area. The hike is not that strenuous and you can easily get a potter to help you carry your luggage at a small fee as you enjoy the view the view.

Tororo rock is located in the Eastern part of Uganda and it is approximately 230 kilometers away from the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. The rock has a lot of tourist attractions to it including the various caves that are found in the area and it rises to a height of 1800 meters above sea level. Once you reach the summit, you can be able to see the surrounding area clearly plus you get a good view of the Elgon Mountain. The hike up the rock is extremely hard as it has narrow windy routes leading up to the summit and therefore one has to be strong enough or be an adrenaline driven person to go hiking on the Tororo rock.

Mountain Kinangop is located in the southern part of Kenya and it rises to an elevation of 3909 meters above sea level. The mountain is good for climbing and note that when you reach the rocky peak the weather is a bot cool and coupled with the bamboo forests that surround the mountain, you will need to carry warm clothes for when you make it up the peak.

Mountain climbing is best done during the dry season because then you will have a lot of chances to trek without slipping due to the bad routes that are found in most parts of East Africa. There are other activities that you can carry out as you hike up the mountains like bird watching, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking, animal watching and you can also get a chance to swim in one of the mountains that have crater lakes as long as you receive permission. Some terrains on the mountains is not hard and therefore all ages of people can go and take up mountain climbing because it is good for one’s health and enjoyable.

There are various tools or requirements that everyone needs if they are to go for mountain climbing and these include the following.
• Hiking boots
The hiking boots will help you not to slide too much when it comes to climbing up the Mountain.
• Rain jacket, warm clothes
The rain jacket is to help just in case it rains as the weather in mountainous areas is not predictable so it is better to be prepared and for the warm clothes, it is better to carry some because the higher you climb up the mountain, the colder it becomes.
• Gardening gloves
The gardening gloves are there to help you as you climb so that you do not get scratches on your fingers and hands in case you are to hold yourself on something sharp.
• Camera
A camera will be used to keep the memories of the mountain climbing alive for you when you finally descend the mountain.

Horse Back Safaris Uganda

When one is planning for a safari to Uganda, it is obvious that all he or she is looking at is visiting chimpanzees, trekking mountain gorillas, cultural encounters, hiking mountains and bird watching. But horse riding is another way of exploring more of Uganda’s beauty, its truly magical riding on a horse the savannah.

Horse riding in Uganda is extraordinary and above all a great cultural experience. Uganda is a beautiful and stunning country with a lot to offer to the tourists, just like Sir Winston Churchhill called it “the Pearl of Africa”, no doubt it is.

The area around the River Nile is an exceptional area ideal for horseback riding, then also riding through the many other breathtaking landscapes all over the country, such as through pristine farmlands, tea and sugarcane plantations, the rain forests, and also through grasslands and plains among others. This gives you an unforgettable experience as you ride the horse accompanied by guided skilled horse guides.

Below are some of the places where you can enjoy horseback riding while you are in Uganda.

Horse riding safaris around Mihingo Safari Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park is also an incredible way to see wildlife and magnificent landscapes. Riding a horse makes you feel so much part of nature and exposes you to hear so and much see a lot even the timid animals because there is no noise of the engine.

Viewing animals from a horse is peaceful and a totally exclusive experience than driving around the Park. While on the horse you can see the warthogs, elands, buffaloes, zebras, waterbucks, bushbucks, duikers, impalas and topis. There are instances were a few people have spotted a leopard while on a horse, this is a rare sighting.

The horses here can carry a person weighing 100kg, although some horses can’t carry more than 85kn, please do not be offended when you are told to weigh yourself, but it is for the good of the horses to keep in good shape and strong backs.

Horse rides in the Park are organized by Mihingo Lodge but you can organize with your tour operator who can do all the bookings on your behalf. You don’t need to be experienced to ride a horse since you have guides helping you out. Even first-time riders have amazing experiences.

But for the experienced riders you can enjoy a 4hour ride through the grassy hills of Warukiri found in the middle of the National Park. While on this ridge you can view the surroundings including spectacular views of about 9 lakes which gives you a totally different feeling of the Park.

There are a number of places around Kampala and in the out skirts of the city where you can enjoy horse riding from;

The Flametree Stables is a stunning home for about 39 horses, owned by an enthusiastic horse lover Miranda Bowser who moved from England and settled in Uganda about 20 years ago, the staff is exceptionally professional, excellent, passionate, friendly and knowledgeable about everything about horses. And because of her love for horses has been teaching people how to ride horses hence coming up with the Flametree Stables.Flametree Stables sit on 20 acres of land surrounded with numerous flora and fauna species. They are located in a countryside after Gayaza town in Kijabijo Village along Kayunga Road.

All the horses here are well trained, healthy, well maintained, educated and also patient and gentle even to those that are riding a horse for the first time. Horse riding is available for those that what a one day experience and also those who want to carry out riding classes and very friendly and affordable rates.

The Speke Equestrian Centre is located at Speke Resort Munyonyo and provides very affordable horse riding packages which give you unforgettable experiences.Just like horse riding helps you relax, it also gives you a place of solitude whereby even if you are stressed the horse can be your friend. This Equestrian Centre provides you a clam environment ideal for riding horses.They offer different horse riding packages ranging from pony rides favoring children, one hour rides, private, shared, and group lessons. And each of these packages comes with affordable rates.

Horse riding in Jinja is done in more than two places, you can choose to join a group or ride as an individual.

Riding a horse along the banks of River Nile, there world’s longest river is breathtaking. The ride starts from the source of the Nile, through various tea plantations and a number of communities, it is truly an extraordinary experience.

Horse riding lasts for an hour or two or three basing on the package you choose and this experience can be enjoyed either in the morning or in the afternoon.

There is also an opportunity of enjoying a horse safari by just walking for about an hour with the horse, this is better than riding the horse since you get to see a lot of things while on foot, take time to relax and in case you have children get enough time to share this experience with them as you enjoy the breeze and scenery of the Nile.

Below are some of the tips that those going for horse riding safaris should consider;

  • Ensure that you wear properly the horse riding gear
  • Be confident while mounting the horse
  • Don’t sprawl. Relax and sit upright
  • Make sure you don’t hold the saddle horn
  • Focus. Keep your eyes where you are going
  • Be in charge of the horse. You are the one in control
  • Remember that you have to be free and gentle with the reins

In conclusion, riding horses is among the most magical experiences that last for a lifetime. Therefore ensure that you book your horseback riding safari to Uganda, get in touch with your tour operator so as to enjoy the most excellent time while in the Pearl of Africa.


After all the wedding celebration together with family and friends, the couple needs to go somewhere to an amazing place far from all the chaos in order for them to enjoy each other’s company, unwind and also plan for their new life as a married couple.

Planning an unforgettable honeymoon is not something you just do in one morning, you need time to plan and in this gather enough information about the destination that will surely give you a remarkable experience on your honeymoon as a couple. Consider the attractions, things to do together as a couple, the prices, comfort, and of course the Romantic ambiance.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be a very costly place, but it should be beautiful, different, romantic, doable and above all a classy place worth spending your money and time.

Below we have identified for you some of the top places where you could enjoy your honeymoon time at. These are mainly lodges that are found in and near different tourist destinations.

This is one of Uganda’s best honeymoon destinations with a romantic setting. It is very classy and luxurious lodge situated in on a private island in the Nile River in Jinja District. It is a very beautiful place with traditionally made thatched cottages, with hand-made furniture where you can sit and peacefully enjoy the sound off the rushing waters of the Nile.

The lodge also has tented cottages that have everything you need, the food is excellent, the staff are hospitable, and the restaurant lacks nothing; the liquors, international foods, local food and any other beverages are served there.

There is nothing that will mesmerize you while at this lodge like the nature walks along the island and also romantic dinners on an island in one of the world’s longest rivers. Your stay at this lodge is unforgettable.

This is a very unique lodge located in Queen Elizabeth National Park along the Mweya Peninsula near the Kazinga Channel. It is a very spacious lodge with cottages, rooms, luxury tents, suites and the choice of where to spend a night lies in your hands.

Mweya is also surrounded by the Rwenzori Mountains, and there is no doubt that even as you chill at the cottage or tent that you will have chance to spot amazing wildlife and birds, this gives you a total feel of being in the wild.

Since the lodge lies in a National Park, you can add some activities to your romantic stay such as; a boat cruise along Kazinga, game drives (morning and evening), watching tree climbing lions, bird watching, nature walks, chimpanzee trekking and many more. The Park hosts about 600 species of birds and over 90 mammal species.

This is one of Uganda’s most luxurious lodges located about 12km from Fort Portal town on a hill overlooking the stunning Crater Lake, swimming pool and the tennis court. The lodge has 9 cabins that are built with thatch and timber. They are self-contained and each cabin has a private deck which gives you enough room to spend time with each other privately.

Kyaninga lodge is surrounded by spectacular views and also from it you can access some hiking trails in case you want to explore more and feed your eyes with spectacular views of the Rwenzori Mountains and the Great Rift Valley. All the facilities of the lodge are exclusive, the restaurant serves the best meals, swimming pool, the SPA among other facilities.

Staying at this lodge also gives you chance to engage in other activities in nearby areas such as Chimpanzee tracking, bird watching and nature walks in Kibale Forest National Park, it is a 1hour drive from the lodge to the Park. From this lodge honeymooners can also connect to other honeymoon destinations in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Chobe Lodge is a Five-star lodge situated in Uganda’s largest National Park known as Murchison Falls Park. This lodge is one of the places chosen by most honeymooners. The spectacular panoramic views, plus the sound of the racing waters of the River Nile and the birds that fill the sky create a very beautiful ambiance at the lodge.

Chobe Safari Lodge has 21 luxury tents, 36 extraordinary guestrooms, about 4 suites and also a presidential cottage. All the luxury tents and rooms have terraces and balconies facing superb views. While at the lodge you have an opportunity to spot some of the flora, birds and wildlife. Also honeymooners interested in spot fishing, this is a remarkable place for such an experience.

The lodge also has a beautiful restaurant, bar, a gift shop with all kinds of craft items, a spa, gym and an extraordinary 3 tier swimming pool to chill. Honeymooners surely have the best days while here, they can engage in activities such as nature walks, game drives, fishing, and swimming in the beautiful pool.

This is one of the most preferred lodges by honeymooners on safari in Uganda. It is a luxurious lodge located in a magical setting near Lake Mburo National Park, about a 10minutes drive from the Airstrip. It is surrounded by various wildlife species and the savannah grasslands.

This lodge is known for the rustic ambiance and the incredible sunsets. It is well designed, exclusive and peaceful in that it is eco-friendly and offers relaxation and comfort to the visitors. All the rooms and tents have en suite bathrooms with running water both cold and hot and flushing toilets. Also other facilities such as the dining area and the swimming pool are well situated and while here guests get the best views of stunning sunsets.

There is also a fully stocked bar and restaurant, plus a craft shop where the buying of each other a gift can start. Also this lodge offers horseback safaris, which is an exciting way of viewing wildlife and the surrounding features at a closer range.

You can also go for game drives, nature walks and a boat cruise in the Park to spice up your romantic stay at the lodge.

This lodge is located within the region where Kibale Forest National Park, overlooking two stunning crater lakes. The location of this lodge gives it a unique and romantic ambiance that will not leave you the same.

Papaya Lake Lodge is a fusion of both the Classical European and African style. This is seen from the art décor and the food itself. There are spacious cottages that are separate from each other hence you are assured of the privacy needed.

There is also a beautiful swimming pool from where you can view the crater lakes, the Rwenzori Mountains in the background and the surrounding features. You can add activities to your romantic stay such as visiting Kibale National Park which is home to various bird species and wildlife.

This is one of the best honeymooners lodges found in the South Western Part of Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to half of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas. The lodge is situated in Buhoma Sector near the headquarters and it is only a 5minute walk from the Park.

The lodge is well refurbished with natural and simple architectural designs, all the rooms face breathtaking views of the forests and valleys around and have private verandas and en suite bathrooms. Other facilities such as the restaurant and bar are fully furnished.

There is also variety of activities to do while here in order to spice up your romantic adventure such as Gorilla Tracking, bird watching, village tours among others. Your stay at the lodge will be remarkable.

This is an exclusive lodge situated in Queen Elizabeth Park’s Savannah near the lush Kyambura Gorge. Kyambura lodge is more than just a room or a cottage, it is an experience of its own and it’s remarkable.

The lodge was originally an old coffee shop and what was needed to be done was giving it a new look as a classy luxurious lodge and adding a few more unique bandas. The rooms have private balconies, mosquito nets and en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water.

There is a swimming pool at the main lodge where you can unwind as you appreciate the spectacular views around you. Also Wi-Fi and massage services are available at the lodge.

In addition to your romantic stay, you could engage in activities such as hikes and chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge or go for a boat cruise along the Kazinga channel and enjoy game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It is one of those rare honeymoon hideaways found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is in this forest that a great number of Mountain Gorillas live and usually at this lodge some uninvited visitors “The Gorillas” are spotted around since the lodge overlooks the diverse forest.

The experience at this lodge cannot be faked in any other area around the world. The lodge has exemplary service, great food, and spacious cottages that will make your romantic experience accredited. It is also the perfect spot for Gorilla tracking.

Call it the best spot to end your honeymoon while in Uganda. Pineapple Bay is found on a tropical island called Bulago in Lake Victoria. This is a great place to unwind and get away from all the city chaos. There is a honeymoon cottage right next to the beach near the Lake. A swimming pool in in place also.

You can enjoy nature walks along the island coupled with watching the sunset or the sunrise. Also nothing will be as thrilling as the two of you sailing on the lake with background of Palm trees and spectacular views. The meals served are also delicious.

High up on Nteko Ridge sits Clouds lodge overlooking the virunga volcanoes covered with clouds and the lush forest. This lodge stands at the highest elevation in Uganda. It lies in Nkuringo sector; the southern part of Bwindi Forest and is surrounded by only breathtaking views.

There are 10 stone cottages which are comfortable and exquisite, each with warm duvets, soft armchairs, fireplaces and at the main lodge the exceptional meals are served right there. Other facilities include, cozy library, the beautiful botanical garden to spice up your romance and sheltered verandas for you to relax from.

Activities that can be done include Forest walks, Community and village visits, Gorilla tracking and Mountain biking along the spectacular ridge.

Fishing Trips

Uganda’s extraordinary beauty makes it among Africa’s most stunning countries. This is not only because it has the superb sceneries but also the Mountain Gorillas, the hospitable people as well as the spectacular water bodies which enables fishing safaris.
About 25% of the terrain in Uganda is covered by water, this is with the exemption of the far northeastern region which is a semi-arid area. Lake Victoria is one of the water bodies where fishing is done, it offers big catches of the Tilapia and Nile Perch among others. Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest fresh water lake and the largest in Africa, it is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Other lakes that are great sites for fishing safaris in Uganda include; Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Albert, and the swampy Lake Kyoga among others. The River Nile also offers great opportunities for fishing, it is the second longest river in the world.
Therefore, it is only in Uganda that you can enjoy extraordinary sport fishing without distraction within the beautiful unspoiled waters surrounded by incredible natural environments. Below we have listed for you some of the sites where you can enjoy fishing and have an unforgettable fishing experience.

Catching fish in Murchison Falls National Park is a very profound experience which can be very thrilling. The park is located in the northwestern part of Uganda, approximately 4hours and 30minutes drive from Kampala the capital of Uganda. It is a spectacular park with a lot to offer hence one of the leading national parks that conduct sport fishing.
Fishing in Murchison Falls is done along the Victoria Nile and it is done as a sport alongside other activities. It involves catching of fish at the bottom of the falls especially at the Devil’s Cauldron, at the river banks and along rocky surfaces. The main fishing method used is by casting lures, this is done with the aim of catching bigger fish species like some Cat fish and the Nile Perch. To catch smaller fish like the Tiger fish, you can use live bait like termites, worms.
Fishing is done from either the boat or the river bank but it is important to take caution about the presence of the hippos and crocodiles. Anglers can access the fishing spot by walking from the top of the falls down to the gorge, this can take 45minutes, if the person is fit and fast. The spot can be also accessed by a boat.
To ensure safety of the client, anglers will require assistance from experts. This is in order for you to have the best experience in this adventurous destination. These expert guides are well conversant with the place and know where exactly you can have the best catch. Of course most anglers are experienced and might even want this experience alone, but it is recommended that you have a fishing guide, and one guide is can manage a team of three anglers.
Anglers are advised to carry all their fishing equipment. It is possible to land on a big fish while fishing, this is based on the girth, weight, and length. It is on record that the heaviest fish caught was a Nile Perch which weighed 113kg.

It is a thrilling and an unforgettable experience to catch fish especially the magnificent Nile Perch from the world’s second largest fresh water lake. Fishing on Lake Victoria is on “Catch and Release” this is so in order to have sustainability. And as long as you have the best fishing guide who is knowledgeable and experienced, you will be sure to have the best catch.
Fishing on Lake Victoria can be done by all anglers whether experienced or not, and this can be organized on either half day basis or fully day, depending on what the angler wants to do. The main method used is trolling with lures and the fishing equipment is provided but if the anglers wish to carry their own equipment it still fine.
Fishing can be done throughout the year except during the rainy season between April and May and also at Full moon. The weight of Nile Perch that can be caught ranges from 8kg to 80kg. Anglers can board use a speed boat, and it is advisable to board one with rain suits, a first aid kit, life jackets, fire extinguishers and an overhead sun canopy.
Most fishing trips begin from Entebbe outside UWEC (the zoo) which has safer parking for the cars. Anglers are advised to carry cameras, insect repellents, wear light clothes and also pack sunglasses, body creams, hats since it can really get hot while on the lake. Also you can carry sandals as your feet might get wet. In case you are keen on birds you will need to also come along with a pair of binoculars.

Lake Mburo is among the best sport fishing spots in Uganda. This is a Savannah Park situated along the highway that connects from Kampala to the western part of Uganda. It is usually a stopover for many tourists visiting the western region and among the activities they enjoy is sport fishing plus others like game drives, horse riding, boat rides among others.
The park hosts 5 lakes within its borders and the fishing spot is a restricted area called Mazinga within the beautiful Lake Mburo with is the largest of them all. There are about 6 species of fish found in this lake including the Tilapia. All the tourists that plan to engage in sport fishing should ensure that they get fishing permits from the Lake Mburo Park headquarters or at Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Visitors can carry their own fishing gear and it is a must to have a skilled fishing guide, this is because the guide helps you during the process of fishing and also helps you to avoid bad areas.

Tourists that plan to visit the Eastern Part of Uganda and want to engage in Sport fishing, can book to enjoy sport fishing around the sipi falls. Sport fishing in this area is done in all the three Sipi waterfalls and it is an exciting and unforgettable adventure you wouldn’t want to miss.
There is nothing as remarkable as fishing from these waterfalls. Above all anglers shouldn’t forget to come along with their fishing gear. Sport fishing permits are obtained at a fee from Sipi River Lodge.
In conclusion, apart from Gorilla trekking, wildlife safari game drives, Uganda has some of the best sport fishing spots in Africa. They are still unspoiled and are very thrilling places where anglers get to experience remarkable sport fishing. Therefore, Uganda has you covered no matter what you want as an angler who wants to go for safari in Africa.

Cultural sites in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya

Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya all belong to the East African community that is found in the sub Saharan part of Africa. They have all seen different cultures that have been experienced especially during the colonial rule to date and all these have been recorded and stored for the generations that did not experience it to see it through the eyes of history.

The cultural sites are some of the few tourist attraction sites that have seen quite a large number of people coming into these countries just to get a glimpse of the wonderful history that was made in the countries. In this article we are going to look at some of the cultural sites that are found in the different countries.

Cultural Sites in Uganda

Uganda as a country is filled with very many cultural sites that depict how far the country has come and where it is at the moment. We won’t be able to look at all the cultural sites in the country but we will discuss a few of them and when you visit Uganda, you will be able to see other cultural sites.

The Royal Kasubi Tombs is located in Kasubi a few minutes away from the capital city of Uganda Kampala is where the Kings of Buganda are buried. It is a burial ground to four kings of Buganda and is a spiritual place to most of the Baganda people. There are several rituals that are carried out in the place by the different people and it is one of the most visited cultural sites in Uganda.

The first king to be laid at the Kasubi tombs was Mutesa 1 and he was the 35th Kabaka of Buganda. When a Kabaka died, he was laid down in a sanctum where his jawbone that was considered to be holding spiritual powers was kept at a different spot and these sanctums are still well kept and taken care of.

When you are entering the Kasubi tombs, you are required to remove your shoes as a sign of respect to the Kings. There will be a guide who will take you through the tombs showing you the different kings and how they lived their lives. You will also be able to see the different royal regalia that was used by the former kings and when you are moving out of the tombs, you have to do it backwards as you cannot show your back to the kings also known as Kabakas in the local language Luganda.

Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru is located in fort portal and it is loosely translated as the Breast of Nyinamwiru. The story behind this is that the king of Toro Bakuku arranged a marriage with a certain chief for his daughter Nyinamwiru but she refuse. Upon her refusal, the king ordered for her breasts to be cut off so that no one else would marry her and that’s how the Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru were formed. Thousands of people travel long distances to come and see stalactites that look like breasts dripping breast milk.

Namugongo shrine is located a few minutes away from the city Centre and it is where several Christian converts were killed because they had refused to denounce their religion. These men were killed by Mukajanga on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga and they were burnt alive. The shrine was separated into two sides that is the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church and when one visits the shrine, you get to know more about Uganda during that era. See Cultural tours in Uganda

Cultural Sites in Tanzania

As part of the East African countries, Tanzania also has many tourist attraction sites and these include cultural sites too. There are a few historical sites in Tanzania and some of these have been noted below all you need is to pack a bag and come experience other cultural sites found in the country.

The Askari monument is located in the heart of Dare salaam. It was opened to public viewing in 1927 and it is a representation of all the soldiers from Tanzania who went and fought in the world war one. Many lost their lives during the war and this was one of the ways in which they are remembered. Visit the area and gaze upon this cultural site.

Stone Town is located in Zanzibar and it is one of the tourist destination for many in Tanzania. It was built during the colonial era by the different ethnic groups that lived on this coastal town. This famous coastal town has a lot of tourist attraction sites like memorial sites that were built by the Europeans, Arabs, Persians and Indians, museums that show how these people lived in harmony at the coast and their vast different cultures, beaches and many more. Stone town will leave you with enough knowledge about the culture practiced at this coastal town.

The museum opened up in 1940 to the public and it has a lot of history about Tanzania that you should not miss. It also houses the remains of the first man that were found at Olduvai Gorge, royal regalia that was used by former kings and the various items that show the history of Tanzania from the struggle of power during the colonial times to the time that independence was gained.

The Kondoa rock site is an archeological area where over 150 caves and shelters that are natural are found. The paintings on the rocks are believed to be dated way back to the Bush men area and were made by a brush like instrument. The paintings are of animals, children, hunting scenes and medieval instruments that they used. They give you an insight on how the earlier people lived in the area.

Olduvai Gorge located in Tanzania is where the oldest remains of mankind were found. The existence of mankind in Olduvai was seen by the presence of skulls that were found in the area, the paintings on the different rocks that are found in the area also show the existence of man in Olduvai. A visit to the area will show how man came about.

The ruins of Kilwa kisiwani were built by the Europeans during the colonial era between the 13th and 16th century. It was a stopover place for many merchants that dealt in Chinese porcelain, gold, silver, Persian earthenware, Arabian merchandise and many more others. A visit to the area will take you back in time to the trading era and you will feel the different cultures that are were practiced by the different ethnic groups.

Cultural Sites in Kenya

Kenya is a coastal country that has a rich history and culture. The vast culture that is found in the country is due to the different tribes in the country. There are roughly six historical cultural sites in Kenya that have been recognized internationally and when you visit this place, you will get to see the Kenya’s culture coming to life.

The Lamu town was constructed during the colonial times and it is the oldest coastal town in Kenya. This old Swahili settlement has been preserved and one would think that it was built just yesterday. The settlement was constructed using mangrove timber and coral stone and the simplicity of how the town looks like will blow you away. Many Muslim festivals have been held in the town and it is the best place to learn more about Islam and the Swahili culture that is common in Kenya.

Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in 1593 and it was constructed as a defense barracks for the Portuguese army that wanted to take control of the Kenyan coast trade. Fort Jesus is seated on a 2.36 hectares and the fort was built in the renaissance era format and a visit to the place will show you history of Kenya during the colonial era and how the Portuguese also lived at the Mombasa coast.

The Lamu town was constructed during the colonial times and it is the oldest coastal town in Kenya. This old Swahili settlement has been preserved and one would think that it was built just yesterday. The settlement was constructed using mangrove timber and coral stone and the simplicity of how the town looks like will blow you away. Many Muslim festivals have been held in the town and it is the best place to learn more about Islam and the Swahili culture that is common in Kenya.

Cultural Sites In Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the few African countries that prides herself with the unique culture that is found in the country. The Rwanda people have a beautiful culture that is showcased through music and dance and it is one off the top tourist attractions in the country. As a country Rwanda has been through a lot and most of the country’s history is kept as treasures in the different cultural sites that have been listed below.

Ndaba rock is just two hours from Kigali the capital city of Rwanda and it has a beautiful history which is why most people go to see the marvelous rock. It is believed to have dripped of honey in the past and many locals used to collect the honey for their home consumption and use. The people would gather to help each other using ropes so that they could easily collect the honey but one day a hunter disappeared and never came back and many people believed it was greed. A climb up the rock with a guide telling you more about the honey dripping rock is worth the cultural visit.

Rwanda experienced the genocide in 1994 and many Tutsis lost their lived due to the power struggle that was in the country. After the genocide many memorial centers were set up in remembrance of those that lost their lives in the struggle for peace and these are located in the different parts of the country. The different genocide sites include the Nyamata memorial site, Kigali genocide memorial site, Bisesero memorial site, Gisozi memorial site and many more others. And once you get to these sites, you are given a brief background of what happened before you experience it personally.

African Chimpanzee Safaris & Trekking

East Africa has five countries that is Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania but chimpanzee trekking in East Africa is mostly done in two countries that is Uganda and Rwanda due to the intense number of these primates that is found in the different parks. Uganda is a home to more than 5000 chimpanzees and that is why it is the top destination for all those who want to go for trekking and if you want to enjoy your chimp trekking experience you will need to book earlier and avoid the peak seasons as the permits will be highly priced and the parks will be over crowded.
Chimpanzees are known to be the closest relatives to the human race with a percentage of 98.7%. Most of the habituating places where one can see the chimpanzees and also get to enjoy the numerous chimp treks are found in the two countries of Rwanda and Uganda. You get a chance to see these primates and with the help of the different trackers, you will learn more about the primates.

There are several things that you need to carry when one decides to go for a chimpanzee trekking experience and some of these include the following:
• Long sleeved clothes as this will help shield you from tree scratches as you are trekking and insect bites from the tropical insects especially during the wet season.
• A permit will be needed after paying a specified amount of money and this will be given to you by the game park where you want to go for your trekking.
• A wide brimmed hat and sunscreen to use especially during the dry season because the heat can be unbearable sometimes.
• Trekking shoes, you will need to get strong trekking shoes as these will help you not to slip especially during the times when the trekking routes are a bit slippery.
• Garden gloves, these will help grip the trees properly without getting your fingers scratched. 

Uganda is a diverse country that has a lot of things you can see and do and the one of the best things to do is chimpanzee trekking. The minimum age for all those who always want to go for chimpanzee trekking in most parks is fifteen years apart from Kalinzu forest where it is twelve years.  In Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking is done in Nyungwe National park and Cyamudongo National Park which are located in the south Western part of Uganda. The minimum age for one to take part in the trekking in Rwanda is sixteen years and in each of these parks have a tour guide that will take you through on this wonderful journey.

Tanzania might not be the top destination when it comes to chimp trekking but that does not mean that they one cannot enjoy a chimp trek safari when they visit the country. Chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania is mostly done from.Kenya is not a native home to the chimps but a few of them can be found in the Sweetwater chimpanzee sanctuary. It was opened in 1993 when Jane Goodall saved some chimpanzees from Burundi and brought them to be conserved in Kenya and up to now many chimpanzees some of which arrive in Kenya when they are wounded or near death but they are nursed back to health so that they do not become extinct.

So far there are 37 chimpanzees in the sanctuary and during the chimp trekking, you will get to see the different chimps and learn more about them and how they can be saved from the poachers.

Kibale National Park is the best destination for chimpanzee trekking in East Africa. Located in the western part of Uganda, Kibale national Park is a home to 1500 chimpanzees including other primates that are located in the Park. There are thirteen different chimp species that are found in the Kibale National Park and other primates. There are also other wild animals that can be seen in the park including a variety of bird species that can be found in the park.
Trekking in Kibale Park is done mostly for one hour for each group of tourists who go for trekking and the group consists of five to six people who are always escorted by an experienced tour guide and there can be over six groups in a day that go for trekking since the trekking process takes only one hour for each group. Most of the people who go to Kibale are advised to put on long sleeved clothe since the park is densely populated with trees to avoid tree branch scratches and insect bites. The chimp trekking in Kibale has two sessions that is the morning session that begins t 7:00am and the second session that begins at midday.
Chimp trekking is not as hard as it might look in Kibale because the chimps can easily be seen up the trees eating fruits and for as long as you follow the rule and regulations that are given to you.

Budongo forest is located near the famous Murchison falls in the northern part of Uganda and you can join your Murchison safari with a chimpanzee trekking safari to Budongo. Budongo is a large forest that is filled with mahogany trees that cover up most of the forest and was preserved to prevent people from destroying its natural feel.
Once you visit Budongo forest you will be able to go for chimpanzee and habituation. Habituation is the process of getting the chimpanzees used to the humans who keep on visiting the area and the two activities can be joined.
There are a lot of chimpanzees in that they will be the first thing that you will see when you go to Budongo and the trekking is mostly done in the mornings. If you are planning to go to Budongo for trekking the best thing to do is spend a night at nearby lodges so that you get an early start.

Kyambura gorge is located in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in the western part of Uganda and it is known to be one of the top chimpanzee trekking destinations in Uganda and East Africa. It is locally known as the valley of apes due to the presence of a small family of chimps that is about twelve of them that live in the area. You will have a guide who will take you on the trek and you will be able to interact with the chimps since habituation has been done at the Kyambura gorge. Trekking is also mostly done in the mornings and you can couple it with some other activities that are carried out in the Park.

Kalinzu forest is also located in Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is a top and unique destination for all those that love chimp trekking. The forest has about 300 chimpanzees 40 of which are habituated and all these can be seen with just a visit to the forest. The Kalinzu forest is also a home to other species that can be found in the park including a number of bird species. The permits at Kalinzu are a bit cheaper than in other places and if you cannot get the permit you can just inform the park rangers of the day when you will be able to go for the trekking and you will be sorted. you can also be able to see other primates as you enjoy your trekking in Kalinzu and the minimum age for people who can participate in the trekking is twelve years here.

Kalinzu forest is also located in Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is a top and unique destination for all those that love chimp trekking. The forest has about 300 chimpanzees 40 of which are habituated and all these can be seen with just a visit to the forest. The Kalinzu forest is also a home to other species that can be found in the park including a number of bird species. The permits at Kalinzu are a bit cheaper than in other places and if you cannot get the permit you can just inform the park rangers of the day when you will be able to go for the trekking and you will be sorted. you can also be able to see other primates as you enjoy your trekking in Kalinzu and the minimum age for people who can participate in the trekking is twelve years here.

Semiliki conservation reserve chimpanzee trekking is another place where you can go and enjoy the chimp trekking in the area. It is a gazette area which was put up to conserve the Kobs and
Other wild animals that were leaving in the area. It is located in a valley and is covered with acacia woodland which houses most of the chimpanzees in the Reserve. The chimpanzee trekking takes place in the morning and it takes three to four hours in the reserve.

Chimpanzee trekking is on the rise and is one of the top safari destinations in East Africa. These human like primates behave like humans and that is why most people are attracted to come and see how they look like physically, their different behaviors and the how they take care of each other. Remember that they live in groups and it is very hard for these groups to sleep in the same place twice. They keep on moving to the different places in search of food and water.
Therefore you should not miss the chance of getting to know these wonderful primates. Grab yourself a ticket and permit and come enjoy chimpanzee trekking in East Africa because this is an experience you do not want to be told about but it needs you to come and physically feel it.

Nyungwe National park has a large number of chimpanzees that amount to 500 registered chimpanzees and one troop has been habituated. The chimps keep on changing their resting places every night and that is why when you go for chimp trekking in Nyungwe, a tracker will first go before your group too find out exactly where they spent the night so that you do not have to trek in the wrong direction.
The park has three Centres where tourists gather before they go for trekking at 4:30 or 5:00am in the morning and these Centres include the Gisakura, Kitabi and Uwinka. It is almost nearly impossible to see the chimps due to the dense forests but you will be able to see a few of them.

Cyamudongo National Park is located in the south western part of Rwanda and is near the Nyungwe national park. It is much easier to trek the chimps in the Cyamudongo more than in Nyungwe since it is not densely filled with trees although the number of chimps here is a little bit limited. One of the habituated troops of chimps is located in Cyamudongo forest and you can go and interact with them and get to know more about the chimps.

Mahale mountains national park is located near Lake Tanganyika and it is considered to be one of the most scenic game parks in Tanzania. The Park can already be accessed by boat and it has a number of chimps that amount to 800 and these are divided into different groups. The best time to go for trekking in the Mahale Park is between October and it is a good experience that can be good only on foot. Some of them are habituated and therefore you can get a closer feel of these primates when you visit Tanzania.

Gombe national park is the smallest National Park in Tanzania and is located in Kigoma and you can get a flight from Arusha. Gombe Park can be accessed by use of a boat and it is famous because that is where Jane Goodall conducted her research on the chimpanzees. The most common troop of chimpanzees in the area is known as the Kasakela and it was the same troop that the research was carried out on and there are several books explaining her experience with these primates.
It has quite a number of chimpanzees that are located in the area and the trekking normally takes place in the mornings and mid afternoons. Some of the chimpanzees are also habituated which gives tourists a chance to get a closer look at the primates and get to know more about their behaviors from a personal feel.

Birding in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania

Birding refers to the act of watching birds and learning more about their characters with the help of cameras and binoculars and most People who go for birding observe these birds in their natural habitats. There are several bird species that can be seen in these countries but it is best to note that the best time for one to do birding is during the rainy season and in the morning and evening hours because by then the lighting is good for the binoculars and cameras.
When birding, there are several equipment and requirements that you will need if you are to enjoy your birding experience in any of the above countries and I have taken the liberty to not them down so that you are ready before you venture into the wilderness for birding.

Birding in Uganda

Uganda has a variety of bird species that can be viewed at the different birding spots and destinations and they are found in the area and some of these include the following.

Bwindi National park is located in the western art of the country and has a recorded number of bird species that amounts to over 350 bird species. It has been voted by the Africa Bird club as the best birding spot in Uganda and it has clearly marked birding routes. And some of the bird species that can be seen in Bwindi include the collared and mountain masked Apalis, Chapin’s flycatcher, Handsome Francolin, Shelley’s crimsoning and black billed Turaco and many more bird species.

Semiliki National park has over 441 bird species and these include the Maxwell’s black weaver, piping hornbill, Nkulengu rail, black dwarf hornbill, yellow throated cuckoo, dwarf honey guide yellow throated Nicator, the swamp palm bulbul, red billed dwarf, African piculet, orange weaker, blue billed malimbe and many more other species.

This is located in the Rwenzori region in the south western part of Uganda and it is believed to be a home to over 177 bird species. There are several birding spots where you go but you might as well do birding while hiking up the ranges. Some of the bird species that are found in the Rwenzori Park include the cinnamon Chested bee-eater, the swifts, Archer’s robin chat, long eared owl, Lagden’s bush shrike, blue headed and golden winged sunbird, slender billed starling, bearded vultures, Rwenzori Turaco and other rare bird species.

Located in western Uganda, Lake Mburo national park is a top destination for birders in Uganda. It has a recorded number of 315 bird species and these can be viewed from the Warukiri and the Rwonyo swamps. Some of the famous bird species that can be seen at Lake Mburo national Park include the red necked spur fowl, Nubian woodpecker, crested francolin, the pied kingfisher, shoebill, , trilling Cisticola, bee-eaters, blue napped moosebird, lilac breasted roller, common quails, emerald spotted wood dove, bare faced go away birds, the African eagle fish and the Greenwood hoopoe.

Mgahinga National Park is located in the southern part of the country and it is known to house the largest number of gorillas in the country. But besides the gorillas, the park is a home to various bird species and these include kivu ground thrush, white starred robin, olive pigeon, Rwenzori Batis, greater doubled collared sunbirds, brown crowned tchagra, western green tinker bird black headed wax bill, and the cinnamon warbler.

Birding in Tanzania

Tanzania is known to be one of the best destinations for birding when one takes a safari to Africa due to various good birding spots that are located in the different areas of the country. There are different birding destinations in Tanzania where one can see the various bird species and these include the following.

Lake Manyara is a home to many bird species that amount to over 400 bird species that can be seen lounging in the park. The best time to go for birding in Lake Manyara is in the morning and evening nd some of the birds species that you will be able to see include the little bee-eater, Black Heron, Martial eagle, sacred Glossy ibis pink backed pelican, Ground dwelling crested guinea fowl, crowned Hornbill, silvery cheeked Hornbill, Schawlow’s turacos, Narina Trogon, the Baglafecht weaver, the African Hawke eagle, the Emerald cuckoo and the lesser flamingo although this can easily be seen when the water is at the right level.

Selous game reserve has over 440 bird species and is a favorite hangout for most birders. The most common bird that can be seen here are the weavers and warders although there are other species found in the area and these include Thick billed cuckoo, white-backed night heron, Brown-headed parrot, yellow billed stork, the Green-headed oriole, Knob billed duck, Bataluer Eagle, Sothern Ground Hornbill, crested lark, African snipe, geese, spur winged lapwing, The African spoonbill, African skimmer, White-fronted plover, and the Boehm’s bee eater.

Mikumi national Park is highly dominated with woodland vegetation and has over 500 bird species and that is why it is known to be a good birding spot. The different bird species that are located in the area include the Bataluer eagle, guinea fowls, yellow throated long claws, the pale billed Hornbill, Hoopoes, wood Hoopoes, the Shelley’s sunbird Marabou stork, black bellied bustards and the Racket Tailed Roller.

Serengeti National Park is mostly known for the great migration that takes place in the park but it is also a home to numerous bird species which include the secretary bird, black headed heron, purple grandier, Darnauds-barbet, white bellied goaway bird, the grey breasted spur fowl, the Rofous- tailed weaver, Kori Bustard, Fischer’s lovebird, white crowned shrike, variable bird, grey headed sparrow and the red backed scrub robin.

Mgahinga National Park is located in the southern part of the country and it is known to house the largest number of gorillas in the country. But besides the gorillas, the park is a home to various bird species and these include kivu ground thrush, white starred robin, olive pigeon, Rwenzori Batis, greater doubled collared sunbirds, brown crowned tchagra, western green tinker bird black headed wax bill, and the cinnamon warbler.

Birding in Rwanda

Rwanda as a country has over 750 various bird species that can be seen in the different birding destinations .Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and although it might look like there are no bird species in there, the city has various bird destinations within and these have different bird species that they harbor and these include:

Nyabarongo is located in the south western part of Kigali. Its major habitant for the birds is the swamp vegetation that is found in the area and some of the bird species in the area include the little Egret, African Marsh Harrier, common snipe, spur-winged geese, long-toed lapwing, African open bill and Caruthers’s Cisticola, African jacana, yellow wagtail, Black headed Heron, the papyrus Gonolek, white collared olive bark, Madagascar squacco heron, white winged scrub warbler, papyrus yellow warbler, Northern brown throated weaver and many more others.

Mountain Kigali is the largest hill in Rwanda and it is a home to the Kigali forest where birding activities can take place. The different bird species that are located in the Kigali forest include the thick-billed seedeater, white-eyed slaty flycatcher, yellow-fronted canary, Green-backed camaroptera, Red Chested cuckoo, common Bulbul, the African paradise flycatcher and many more other species.

Nyarutarama Lake located in Kigali has various bird species that one can see when they visit the area and some of them include the paradise flycatcher, pygmy kingfisher, the black Egret, Grey capped warbler, African fish Eagle, Black kite, swifts, Tawny flanked prinia, swallow and the winding Cisticola.

Nyungwe forest is located in the south western part of the country and it is bordered by Lake Kivu. The montane forests found in the area provide good ambiance for birding and they act as bird habitants. The forest has over 275 bird species and some of these include the Archer robin’s chat, yellow eyed black flycatcher, Graurer’s warbler the Chapin’s flycatcher, Rockefeller’s sunbird, strange weaver, Red collared mountain Babbler, Handsome Francolin, Mountain sooty Boubou, and the stripe-breasted tit.

This is located in the Virunga region and it was the first park to be created in Africa. The volcanoes park is surrounded by different volcano mountains and bamboo vegetation that provide a safe haven for birding in the park. The park has over 187 species and some of the species that are found in the park include the Dusty crimson wing, Red faced woodland warbler, Archer’s ground Robin, francolin, Rwenzori Batis, strange weaver, the collared Apalis and many more other species.

Birding in Kenya

Kenya has over 1089 bird species that are located in the different birding destinations and am going to take to you through some of the best birding destinations in Kenya and the different bird species that are found in those destinations.

The Lake Turkana delta has over 20,000 water bird species that are easily seen during the rainy season and some of these include the sur winged plover, the violet wood Hoopoe African skimmer and the little stint, the Geese, shorebirds, Egrets, pelicans, Flamingos and storks, the pel’s Fishing owl, southern banded snake Eagle, scaly babbler, Tana River Cisticola, East coast Akalat, Basra Reed Warbler and many more other bird species.

Kakamega forest is located in the western part of Kenya and it is a home to the endangered species of the Turner’s Eremomela making it a top birding destination and other bird species like Banded snake Eagle, least honeyguide.

Arabuko-Sokoke forest is a home to many endangered species in Kenya like the Sokoke scops owl which is almost extinct and this bird is extremely rare and can only be seen when visits the Arabuko-Sokoke. There are also other bird species that can be seen in the forest and some of these include the southern Banded snake Eagle, the plain backed sunbirds, Fisher’s Turacos, Clarke’s Weaver, Amani and many more other bird species.

The Masai Mara is one of the largest parks in Kenya and it is famously known for the great migration. The various bird species that can be seen in the Masai Mara include Martial and crowned Beagles, Madagascar squacco Heron, the Lilac Breasted Roller, Yellow billed ox Roller, corncake, secretary bird, saddle billed stork, ostrich, Grey crested Helmet shrike, and the lesser kestrel.